Non importa se pesi 40 o 90 kg. Non importa se hai gli occhi azzurri, verdi, grigi o marroni. Il colore dei tuoi capelli. Se a scuola hai la media del 5 o del 9. Se sei fidanzata da qualche mese o se non hai mai dato il tuo primo bacio. Potrai cambiare, crescere. Ma le altre avranno sempre qualcosa in più che vorrai. Devi accettarlo, ma soprattutto, devi accettarti.

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breakingbadhabitz ha chiesto:

Hi, doll! Sorry for how random this is but I just came across your tumblr and saw your photos and you're so adorable and fucking beautiful. Seriously, you're flawless. Anyways, it would be cool to chat sometime and know more about you (you seem rad). If you're down with that, what's your Skype and I'll add you? Oh, and answer privately if you can so I get your reply. Hope to chat soon. -Adam

Hi, Adam! :)
I was at seaside, and my internet connection sucked, and this is why I’m answering you just now, like 3 weeks later (and not because I’m a bitchy, LOL) 

Thank you for the compliments, you’re too kind, seriously! 

(sorry, but I haven’t Skype…)